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September 27, 2018

STREET ®EVOLUTION investigates Contemporary Urban Art analyzing it as a global, social and artistic phenomenon, capable of attracting economic, cultural, institutional, political, tourist and social interests.

The initiative, which will take place through a series of three events, aims to present the evolutionary and transformative path that sees the protagonist of Contemporary Urban Art in Italy and in the world in recent years.

The frame of this initiative will be the CreArte Studio Art Gallery which will host the talks in the halls of the prestigious 17th-century palace of the Counts of Porcia and Brugnera in the archaeological city of Oderzo (TV).

In the first meeting, the topic of Urban Art is deepened by putting the combination of economics and artists at the centre of the discussion. Moderator of the evening Alessandro Alemanno of Kantiere Misto, co-organizer of the meeting evenings.

Together with the Artist writer "DADO" Alessandro Ferri will ta

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